Evangelist JP "Beaver" Greenway

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"The only eternal thing you can do for
a man is lead that man to Christ."  
Preacher Beaver Greenway

This site is now solely dedicated to the memory of Beaver Greenway through his teachings and sermons. Beaver was called home to his Heavenly Father on 9/16/16. Following in the footsteps of his father, W. Norman Greenway, Beaver became an evangelist where his sole objective was to preach the Gospel and lead others to salvation through Jesus Christ. He was the founder of The Church of the Lost and Found in North Myrtle Beach where he preached for sixteen years. We are blessed to have hundreds of sermons dating back to 2002. As time goes on we will update the Sermons page to include more sermons from the past. Please visit often to catch up on the old sermons.

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"May the Lord be glorified, the church be edified
and the man nearest Hell be saved."

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